Exposition "Atelier by Gracie Devito"

Oeuvres de Gracie Devito

Gracie DevitoL'espace Pictomos accueille les travaux de l'artiste Gracie Devito dans le cadre de son installation  "Atelier", un travail qui donne un aperçu de la période dans son studio Blv St. Martin à Paris.
Le Pictomos de l'artiste:
exposition du 18 oct au 25 oct 2008
Exposition Terminée


Studio by Gracie Devito.

This show represents a short-lived time in a studio on Blvd. Saint Martin; a time of approximately two months.

In a studio, the importance of creating a symbiosis between the works and the space they inhabit is most important.  Often, a day in the studio becomes more an act of movement, placing, and rearranging, sometimes altering the slightest thing, the way a painting leans, the way my brushes and charcoal are aligned, which page my sketch book is open to or where objects are in relation to the works.  All of these elements can effect composition, like altering something in a painting or sculpture, and must be responded to by the artist to keep the atelier a sacred place of work.   

As I have not been static since my arrival in Paris, neither have my works.  They move when I move, and re- surface when I have space to arrange them.  Each time, they adapt, like me, to what surrounds them.  "Atelier" is a collection of past, and developing works that have the intention of creating the experience on one place of unity, the artists studio.  

Photo de l'installation de Gracie Devito
Photo de l'installation de Gracie Devito
Photo de l'installation de Gracie Devito
Photo de Gracie Devito

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